Content, user and network context and 5G network architecture

This research area focuses on the capture, analysis and utilisation of context data related to various players in the 5G ecosystem, such as content objects, end users and devices, as well as the network itself, in order to maximise user experience and network performance.


This work focuses on the creation of advanced network intelligence derived from context information associated with specific players in the 5G ecosystem, including end users, user equipment, content objects and network devices. It also covers the design of and innovation on the 5G core network architecture, as well as a wide variety of 5G-oriented content/data delivery use cases with heterogeneous requirements.

The key technical scope of this research area includes:

  • Enabling networking technologies for 5G, such as SDN, NFV, Edge computing and satellite networking
  • Context-aware network control including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based approaches
  • 5G-oriented content and data delivery services with QoE/QoS assurances
  • Innovations on 5G network architecture, such as control plane signalling efficiency and user plane performance enhancements
  • Network slicing (NS) and service function chaining (SFC) in 5G
  • Business aspects of 5G ecosystems.

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