Dr Annelie Nederberg

Postgraduate Research Student


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I am a composer, sound designer and performer from Sweden currently undertaking AHRC funded doctoral studies in musical composition at University of Surrey in Guildford, UK. My research focuses on corporeality in electronic music from a contemporary animism perspective.

As a composer and sound designer I specialise in the performing arts, especially contemporary dance and drama. I also compose acousmatic music for diffusion in the electroacoustic tradition.

I perform with electronics, voice and a gestural feedback instrument that I have developed as part of my research. I also sing in various choirs and play in various ensembles.

I hold a Master by Research degree from De Montfort University where I studied for John Young. I also hold a BA (hons) degree from the same university and have previously studied at Gotlands Tonsättarskola in Visby, Sweden for Per Mårtensson and Sven-David Sandström, as well as at the Academy of music and drama in Gothenburg, Sweden for Ole Lützow-Holm and Åke Parmerud.

I am currently based in Folkestone, Kent, UK.


Research Interests

I am currently a doctoral student at the University of Surrey, where I am researching corporeality in electronic music as practice based research.

My practical work consists of acousmatic compositions and music composed for contemporary dance and drama performances in which I explore the role of the body in creating music and as a quality of the resulting music. For this purpose, I have also designed a gestural feedback instrument that allows me to get in direct touch with the sound: experientially, playing the instrument feels like shaping the sound with my hands and my body. The feedback sounds are processed in a Nord Modular G2 synthesizer and controlled by OSC/MIDI via Max/MSP. Finally, I create music with a live electronic setup combining no input feedback with electroacoustic feedback and objects (which I prefer to see as subjects). Voice also sometimes feature in this music, as an instrument, more seldom as a lead voice with lyrics.

My theoretical framework for this research is fundamentally contemporary animism. I am insipred by and in resonance with scholars such as Nurit Bird-David and Eduardo Viveiros de Castro. My performance Seeress explores concepts such as the dividual and relatedness (Bird-David) but also concepts from old Norse cosmology, which contain animist ideas. Especially Norse conceptualisations of the different selves of a person are at play in the performance, in accordance with the idea of sound as a living individual/agency as expressed by Rodgers (2011), O’Callaghan (2010) and Peters (2013), along with a range of composers/musicians working with feedback, such as David Tudor, the Barrons and Toshimaru Nakamura. Bird-David sees contemporary animism as a relational epistemology, where the focus is on relatedness (1999) which is why my research also entails touch and intimacy in relation to the sounds, the technology and the music. These are treated as subjects rather than objects in a form of holistic unity: perhaps what David Bohm terms holomovement (1980) or what the Nahua terms Teotl.


2012: AHRC grant for PhD studies

2014: FST composition grant

2014: Stiftelsen Alvar Krafts minne scholarship

2014: RANK touring support for Seeress


2012: Online lecture for the Mid Sweden University: Att känna med öronen - förmedla känsla med ljud (To feel with your ears - mediating emotion with sound)

2013: Review of Bodily Expression in Electronic Music for the Journal of Music, Technology and Education Vol 6:2, p.221.


2012: iFIMPac conference at Leeds College of Music: Duet (performance for gestural feedback instrument and dancer Joop Oonk)

2013: The Place, London: The Fear Factor (contemporary dance performance)

2013: University of Surrey: Score! 4 1 3 (film/installation/dance performance)

2013: University of Surrey: Cheap Blue (performance with dancer Joop Oonk)

2013: Agony Art, London: Cheap Blue (performance with dancer Joop Oonk)

2013: Corporeal Computing conference at University of Surrey: REACH (performance with dancer Angélina Jandolo and Kinect visualizer Chris Kilding

2013: Agony Art, London: There May Be Trouble Ahead - An Experiment (structured, improvised performance with 12 dancers and four musicians)

2013: The Hat Factory, Luton: The Earth Will Absolve Me (live art performance with the Ahhhness of Things Collective)

2014: The Hundred Years Gallery, London: Found, installation/performance with Jia-Yu Corti

2014: Royal Holloway: Animism in electronic music (paper)

2014: Tour in Sweden: Seeress (performance with gestural feedback instrument and live video artists alKamie)

2014: University of Surrey: Animism in Electronic Music (paper)

2014: INTERactions conference at University of Bangor: Animism in Electronic Music (paper)

2014: SSSP at De Montfort University: Animism in Electronic Music (paper)

2014: Duende residential workshop in Lesbos, Greece: Home and Cement Mixer (improvised performances)

2014: SPILL festival, Ipswich: The Earth Will Absolve Me (live art performance with the Ahhhness of Things Collective)

2015: Written and Composed in London: music from the play Prometheus Bound with live text

2015: University of Surrey: Seeress and the Six Selves: old Norse cosmology as a framework for the experience of the corporeosonic composer. (paper)

2015: Ivy Arts, Guildford: Seeress (performance with gestural feedback instrument and live video artists alKamie)

2015: Rich Mix, London: Setting Up (solo performance)

2015: The Horse Hospital, London: live electronics cinema gig

2015: MuSA conference Karlsruhe, Germany: Seeress and the Six Selves: old Norse cosmology as a framework for the experience of the corporeosonic composer. (paper)


2013: IDKA Gävle, Sweden for development of feedback instrument

2013: FST, Cortona Italy, composition residency

2013: FST, Berlin, composition residency

2014: EMS, Stockholm, composition residency

2014: Duende, Lesbos, Greece, residential performance workshop

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