Speeches and Presentations

Here you can read a selection of speeches and presentations given by the Vice-Chancellor.

President's Address to Members

9 September 2014

Sir Christopher's address to the 2014 UUK Members Annual Conference exploring the HE sector's strength in diversity.

IBM  Technical Consultancy Group InterConnect Meeting

20 May 2013

Exploring how universities and business can work together to promote innovation, Sir Christopher gave the keynote address at the meeting of this top IBM peer group.

Government Science and Engineering Annual Conference 

5 Feb 2013

Sir Christopher gave the keynote address at the annual conference for members of the Government Science and Engineering Network. His presentation explores how Engineering and Science can inform policy and the need for greater collaboration between Government, Industry and Academia.

Cardiff School of Engineering Innovation and Engagement Event

15 May 2012

Sir Christopher gave the keynote address at the second in the series of Innovation and Engagement talks at Cardiff School of Engineering, co-hosted by the Learned Society of Wales. His presentation "Building a Stronger Innovation Culture" explores the benefits for universities, business and the economy in engaging in economy and enterprise.

National Graduate Employability Conference

30 March 2011

Professor Snowden gave the keynote address at the annual conference on graduate employability, in partnership with Universities UK and 1994 Group. His presentation explores how universities can work with business to understand their needs in order to provide a highly skilled workforce.

Fourth European University-Business Forum

22 March 2011

Professor Snowden was invited to give a presentation at the EU University Business Forum in Brussels as part of the Panel Discussion entitled University-Business Cooperation – A strategic partnership in the knowledge economy. His presentation explores the role of universities in influencing tomorrow's economy by training people not for jobs, but with the skills and education to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Opening of the Science City Cleanroom at University of Warwick

2 July 2010

Professor Snowden was invited to open the Science City Cleanroom for Energy Efficient Semiconductors at the University of Warwick. His keynote speech addressed the importance of a close working relationship between industry and academia, and the need for the science and engineering community to engage with government to solve the key challenges facing us in the 21st Century.

The Royal Society 

22 April 2010

Professor Snowden was invited to give a presentation at the Royal Society's two day conference in April 2010: "The Royal Society and Science in the 20th Century" as part of their 350th Anniversary celebrations. Professor Snowden's presentation: "Technological Innovation in Industry and the Role of the Royal Society" examines the interplay between industrial and academic research and explores how innovation stimulated by the Royal Society has influence technological development in business and industry over the past fifty years.

EMAP Conference: Meeting International Student Expectations

21 January 2010

On behalf of the 1994 Group, Professor Snowden spoke at the EMAP Conference: Meeting International Student Expectations and Achieving Successful Integration on Thursday 21st January 2010. He looked at effective strategies for managing the student experience both home and away. 

Professor Snowden's Inaugural Address as President of the IET

1 October 2009

Professor Snowden began his year-long term of office as President of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) on 1st October 2009. At his inaugural address he showed a small world getting smaller and explored the origins of electronic technologies and their evolution, together with their role in ground-breaking events such as the moon landings, the implementation of the Internet, mobile communications, digital media and computing.


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