SPLASH for staff

Welcome to our staff-facing webpages. Our remit is to help students develop to their full potential while studying here at Surrey. 

We will be expanding the information to encompass:

  • Suggestions as to how we may assist you in helping you to develop your students’ learning
  • A rationale for our ‘collaborative partnership’ model of student learning development 
  • Tips for designing learning development resources
  • Informed guidelines on how to refer students to our service for academic and study advice
  • Overview of the different aspects of our provision

Additionally, in the longer term, we plan to build a guided repository of useful learning development resources designed to be customised for use in your subject area/discipline. 

10 years of splash

Who we are and we are based

We are a part of the department of Library & Learning Support Services (LLSS) and based on Level 3 in the library.

Our student consultation area is located here, where we undertake student drop-ins and appointments, as is our training room where we run our programme of workshops to help students develop various aspects of their academic skills.

SPLASH stands for Student Personal Learning And Study Hub. Level 3 was the library’s original dedicated group-study area. Larger learning development events are run from this main open group study space, such as larger STARS events, service welcome events and so forth, but most of the time it’s an independent group study space.

What we do

SPLASH offers guidance and support to maximise student personal, academic and professional potential via one-to-one or group based learning contexts. 

We work with academic module leaders and provide tailor-made learning development that runs as part of the scheduled course programme.

Check out the case studies.

The SPLASH team offers student guidance on the academic skills students can develop, including:

  • Making an informed literature search
  • Critical thinking, reading and writing
  • Reflective thinking and writing 
  • Communicating an argument 
  • Effective reading and note making
  • Planning and managing assignments
  • Organising ideas, linking and structuring work 
  • Literature reviews, dissertations and extended projects
  • Interpreting assessment instructions 
  • Using statistics to analyse, present and discuss data 
  • Revising for exams 
  • The use of grammar 
  • Working in groups 
  • Presenting to audiences

Referring students

We believe it's important that Surrey staff are well-informed about SPLASH when recommending students to engage with our service.

That’s particularly the case when highlighting to students any weaknesses in their work. Students can be very reluctant to come forward and seek advice, seeing this as some form of admission of failure on their part. Overcoming ‘deficit’ associations remains a big issue facing learning development across the HE sector.

As such, we believe it is important to stress ‘learning development for all’. Find out more about referring students.


Much of our staff-facing webpages will focus on exploring opportunities for collaborative projects with faculty teaching staff. We are firm advocates of locating as much as possible student learning developmental activities within the curriculum in bespoke and subject-relevant ways.

If you are interested in exploring possibilities here, we’d be really happy to explore with you ways in which we may be able to assist you in developing your students’ learning.

In the meantime, please email: SPLASH@surrey.ac.uk for more information about how we may help.

In the pipeline

  • Learning development at Surrey (our ethos, etc.)
  • Working with us, a ‘collaborative partnership’ model
  • Our learning development core-principles (informed by learning and teaching theory and practice)
  • About us......and your link to SPLASH
  • Our Practice & Pedagogy monthly meetings
  • Learning development resource bank