Sprint women’s development

Sprint is the ground-breaking professional development programme for undergraduate women of all ages, which addresses the study and career issues faced by women at university regardless of background.

Sprint application

"I think Sprint is great! It has helped me to think about myself, my goals, and my life."

"Sprint helped me to believe that I was not alone, and it encouraged me to express how I feel."

About Sprint

The programme runs twice in each academic year and consists of:

  • Four action-packed half-day workshops 
  • The encouragement of effective networks within the group
  • A folder with all the materials for the programme
  • Female guest speakers from professional careers, making inspiring role models

Apply by 10th February 2019

dates for sprint

Workshop dates semester two: 2019

20 February         12.30 to 4.30 pm         
27 February 12.30 to 4.30 pm  
6 March 12.30 to 4.30 pm
13 March 12.30 to 4.30 pm  

Free refreshments and lunch will be provided each week.

All events will be held in the Shepard training room, library level 1


Sprint seeks to end pay disparity and gender inequality in the workplace by empowering women to develop their full potential.

Research and statistics show that women are not achieving equally in the workplace. A survey by the Higher Education Careers Unit measured the earnings of 17,000 recent graduates. They discovered that 70% of women graduates were earning less than £24,000 compared with 55 % of men. And this applied even in subject areas where women's participation was greater than men's, such as law.


  • Taking clear, practical and realistic steps to control your life
  • Improved study and time management skills
  • Healthier work/life balance
  • Sharpen career goals, raising aspirations and increasing confidence
  • Networking with like-minded peers


Sprint is open for all female undergraduate students at Surrey to apply, regardless of level of study, academic discipline or background. Having women from a diverse range of backgrounds is what makes the programme so successful!

Complete the form online. If you have any questions about the form or need support in filling out your application please contact us.

For the Semester 2 programme, you can expect to find out if your application has been successful by no later than Wednesday the 13th February 2019

As Sprint is funded by the Department of Widening Participation at the University of Surrey, students from Widening Participation backgrounds will be prioritised in their application to the programme; but all female undergraduates are welcome to apply! We will also look at the date of applications and the application statement provided. If you would like to discuss outcome applications further, please contact us at sprint@surrey.ac.uk

Please make sure that you can commit to attending all four workshops to successfully complete the Sprint programme. If you cannot make part of a workshop please make contact with the Sprint team (sprint@surrey.ac.uk) to discuss this. We appreciate that as a student you will have lots of commitments and so we aim to design the programme to be flexible to accommodate your study pressures and university life schedules. However, if you cannot make one of the workshops in its entirety, we suggest that you apply for a future programme.

Sprint will take place on the Stag Hill campus at the University. If your application is been accepted, you will receive an email with the room locations. We aim to use the same room for the duration of the programme.

Sprint consists of fouraction-packed workshops that cover academic, personal and professional issues. By participating in Sprint you can expect:

  • Springboard Consultancy trainer to deliver the programme.
  • Each workshop will cover a number of themes including: exploring your personal values and power, making an impact, developing your assertiveness, networking skills, managing your time, achieving your goals and developing confidence in you. 
  • A workbook to complete during the duration of the programme including materials for the programme and additional online learning tools.
  • Inspiring female guest speakers who share their real personal and professional journeys. 
  • Opportunities to network with your peers and other individuals affiliated with the programme.

The Sprint team at Surrey think that you can gain the following benefits from participating in the programme:

  • Taking clear, practical and realistic steps to control my life
  • Improved study and time management skills
  • Healthier work/life balance
  • Sharpen career goals, raising my aspirations and increasing confidence
  • Networking with like-minded peers

Yes...and refreshments throughout the afternoon. Please inform us of any dietary requirements when you fill out your application form.

The Springboard Consultancy website explains all about the origins of the Sprint programme and its ethos. The Sprint team at Surrey also wish to help to put an end to the gender pay gap and end inequality and disparity between men and women’s pay through supporting women through initiatives like Sprint.

Of course, you can contact us via:

  • Email: sprint@surrey.ac.uk 
  • Phone: 
  • In person: Academic Skills and development (formally SPLASH), Library, Level 1


If you would like to get involved with the Sprint programme as a mentor, speaker or employer please contact us at sprint@surrey.ac.uk.

Be a speaker at the next Sprint programme

An integral part of the Sprint programme is the speakers who attend the workshops to discuss their career journeys, providing real, relevant and inspiring role models for the participants. Our key aim is to find women who have had a varied and inspiring career path, and who can share what they have learnt along the way and what challenges they have faced. The talk usually lasts around 30 minutes, with a chance to chat to the students afterwards and answer questions.

If you know a potential female speaker, or indeed would like to take part yourself, please contact us at sprint@surrey.ac.uk. We would be happy to meet anyone who is interested and talk to them about what is involved.

Be a mentor to a Sprint participant

Sprint provides participants with the opportunity to have a mentor to enhance their experience on the programme and reflect on what they have learnt. The mentor's role is to support the Sprint participant in her future development plans (professional and personal). Mentoring is about a partnership between two people, and is underpinned by trust and respect; the mentor is a guide to empower the mentee to think about their future options and make positive decisions. Mentoring can be fun and rewarding, and can help the development of the mentor as well as the mentee! We look for mentors from any background, industry, age etc but we do ask that mentors for the Sprint programme are women, and hold an undergraduate degree, to enhance the role model aspect.

How employers can get involved

As an employer you can get involved in Sprint in a number of ways. You may like to be a speaker at one of our workshops, and talk about your own career journey. We also look for employers who can provide additional development activities for the participants, such as visits to your office and work shadowing opportunities. Further to this, you may wish to make a greater contribution by becoming a sponsor of a Sprint programme, which is a mutually beneficial partnership between the University and you.

If you are interested in more information in getting involved please contact us at sprint@surrey.ac.uk.

Information for academic staff

Our goal is to make every female undergraduate student here at Surrey aware of the opportunity to take part in Sprint. As well as being a personal development programme, our recent evaluation of Sprint at the University of Surrey shows the benefits that taking part can have on a student’s academic progress. The evaluation shows that 100 per cent of students agreed or strongly agreed that after the Sprint programme they feel more confident in their ability to achieve a good degree, whilst 88 per cent of students reported feeling more committed to their studies.

As a member of academic staff, you are vital in both helping us raise awareness of Sprint, and also identifying female undergraduates who you think would benefit from taking part in the Sprint programme. If you are interested in more information about getting involved please contact us at sprint@surrey.ac.uk.