Transferable skills for transitions

Skills developed during your time at university can be transferred to everyday life on placement, at work, or at home. University challenges you in new and often difficult ways which provides opportunities to refine both your mental aptitude and practical skills.

While university study and learning will allow you to develop existing skills, there will be some areas that might feel unfamiliar or even completely new to you. This page is designed to support you with key transition areas so that you can be successful in your higher education learning journey and reach your full potential

Often you use and enhance these ‘soft skills’ when you work on assignments, when you search for and use information, and when you write and present. You may not always recognise or record these academic transferable skills.

Better awareness of your skills development allows you to celebrate your achievements, generate solutions to problems, perform better, reach your potential, and sell yourself to potential employers.

The resources on this page will be particularly useful to:

  • Individuals who are yet to make the transition into university 
  • Students who are new to their course
  • Students who are progressing through their degree
  • Individuals who are doing a Professional Training placement
  • Individuals who are thinking about postgraduate study and employability


The resources for this page are currently under development. In the meantime, you might find the following resources useful in helping with transition and stepping up to university study: