Moving out early

Read our guidance on what to do if you decide to move out your accommodation early.

Giving notice to leave your accommodation

You must give notice in writing by completing a withdrawal form and returning it to Accommodation Services in person or by email.

Please note; you may give notice to leave your room at the end of the first semester without penalty. The deadline to give notice is in the current Residents' Guide (PDF).

If you wish to vacate your room earlier than the end of the first semester you can advise Accommodation Services of your intentions using a withdrawal form.

Please note you will be liable for the payment of your room rent up to the end of the first semester unless we are able to re-let your room earlier. In the event that we are able to arrange a re-let, you need only pay until the date the new person moves in.

If notice is not received on or before the deadline in the Residents' Guide (PDF) then no rebate of rent will be given if you decide to leave before the end date specified in your licence agreement unless we are able to re-let your room.

If you leave before the end of your licence you will be required to continue instalment payments until your account is cleared in full.

If you cease to be a student

If you withdraw from your course or the University terminates your course, the notice period is waived. 

You will remain liable for the rent until Accommodation Services have received written confirmation of your change in status, you have moved out and returned your key/s.