Room swaps

We understand that for a variety of reasons students may want to change their accommodation. To allow students to easily find a suitable room, the University has a “Room Swap” process that gives residents the opportunity to exchange their accommodation.

Unless you intend to ask for a priority room change based on medical or financial grounds please follow the “Room Swap” process detailed below.

Room swaps for 2018/19 residents

  1. From Thursday 11 October 2018, go to the StudentPad website
  2. Select the "Message Board" on the left of the screen. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the category “Room Swaps for Current Residents”.
  3. A box called “Room Swap Conditions” will appear. Please read the conditions carefully and click if you agree to them. Please note that you will not be able to post your advert until you have done this.
  4. Post an advert to say that you are looking for a room swap, or look through the existing adverts to find a room you would like to swap into. Then liaise with anyone who is interested in swapping rooms with you.
  5. This room swap process can only be used if both rooms are in University Accommodation on the main Campus, Hazel Farm, Bellerby Court or Manor Park.
  6. Once you have found someone who would like to swap rooms with you, you can come to Accommodation Services together.
  7. It is essential that you do not swap rooms until you have seen Accommodation Services and they have approved the swap. If you move without Accommodation Services agreement you will remain liable for rent and damages for your original room, and are in breach of your accommodation agreement.
  8. Accommodation Services will check that both rooms are suitable for each of you, in particular checking the tenancy/licence periods available for each room, they will also check to make sure that there remains a gender balance in each flat and also that single sex flats are kept single sex.
  9. Assuming that the room swap is suitable we will agree a date on which you should swap rooms. As you will be exchanging rooms on the same day you will need to ensure that you clean your room ready for the other person to move into.
  10. The exact sum payable for your existing room, from the start date of your tenancy/licence up to your move date will be calculated. It is a requirement of the room swap that you pay in full for your existing room and the £50 Room Swap Administration fee before the move takes place.

If you have a medical condition or severe financial hardship

Contact Accommodation Services and ask for a “Request to be placed on the Room Change Waiting List” form and state whether you are applying for a room change on medical or financial grounds.

We will then issue you with both the room change form and either an “Application for Preferential Accommodation on Medical Grounds” form or an “Application to Move to a Cheaper Room due to Financial Difficulty” form.

You should complete the “Request to be placed on the Room Change Waiting List” form and return it to Accommodation Services. The other form should be completed and taken to either your doctor or Student Advice (see the other forms for more information).

We cannot process your room change request until we receive the other form back from your doctor or student advice supporting you request.

If your doctor or student advice do not support your request we will inform you and ask that you follow the Room Swap process outlined above.