Welfare and support

There are a range of services to support you during your stay throughout your time at University.

Student life mentoring

Student Life Mentoring is a peer support service for all students living in University accommodation. The Mentors enable students to gain invaluable advice and support from individuals that have also experienced life as a student at Surrey.

They can assist in mediation of disagreements, pointing students to appropriate university services, and to create a feeling of inclusion by running regular social events open to everyone within courts of residence.

To find out more about the Mentors, and for contact information, visit the Student Life Mentoring pages.


Each court of residence has a warden team who are responsible for residents’ welfare and for disciplinary matters within University Accommodation.

Each has a day-job within the University, but outside of that they live amongst you in the courts and are available to support you at any time during your stay in University Accommodation.

Find out more about your court and your warden on the Wardens pages.

Health and wellbeing

The Centre for Wellbeing offers a range of free and confidential services to support and help you to improve your psychological, physical and emotional wellbeing.

The Centre for Wellbeing have counsellors who can offer you time limited one to one counselling as well as workshops and coaching.

To book an appointment for health or emotional support, call +44(0)1483 689498 or email centreforwellbeing@surrey.ac.uk.

For more details of what services are available, please visit the Health and Wellbeing pages. For more information on applications for accommodation and parking on medical grounds please contact the Additional Learning Support team.

Student advice

Often described as “just like a Citizens Advice Bureau, except with a focus on the student experience,” the Student Advice & Information Centre is a Community Legal Services accredited help point which serves the student community, parents and staff.

The aim of the Student Advice team is to signpost to all of the different forms of student support available on campus and to offer information advice and guidance.

For more information on the services that Student Advice provides, visit their website.