Council tax

Learn more about paying council tax while at university.

Council tax is a tax charged by Guildford Borough Council and provides them with funds for a number of local services including refuse collection, recycling, planning, leisure facilities, schools, roads, libraries and the police.  

The amount payable depends on the value of the property, how many people live there and who the people are. For example if a property is occupied:

  • By two adults* who are not full time students then 100 per cent of the council tax is payable
  • If there is only one adult* who is not a full time student then 75 per cent of the council tax is payable
  • If all the adults* living in the property are full time students no council tax is payable; if the house is not owned by the University the students would need to obtain a council tax exemption certificate available from Registry

*Adults are people who are 18 years old or above

For properties owned by the University, in some situations, council tax is paid by the University and charged to residents through their rent as explained below.

University-owned single student rooms

Full-time registered University of Surrey students who live in single rooms in buildings occupied only by similar students do not have to pay any council tax. Therefore single student room rents do not include any council tax.

University-owned staff single rooms

Members of staff who live in single rooms in staff flats or houses have council tax included in their rent as the whole flat is occupied by staff and are therefore liable for council tax.

Couple and family accommodation and Band F rooms

Our family flats are liable for council tax as it is possible that they are occupied by people who are not full-time registered students of the University.

For this reason when we offer you a property we will quote the rent including a full council tax charge (100 per cent). Rent figures including the 75 per cent council tax charge and the no council tax charge are available on our price list for 2020/21.

When you pay your advanced rent payment to accept the property we will ask you to make a declaration about who will be living in your flat/house.

Please refer to our council tax declarations help sheet for a list of the possible declarations you can make and the effect on the council tax which will be included in your rent.