Frequently asked questions

Please read the FAQs below before contacting us with questions. If you cannot find the answer here, please email us at

Before applying

Create an accommodation account online.

You will be required to enter your surname, date of birth and University ID number (a seven-digit number beginning with a six). Once you have done this, please select 'validate details'. A validation code will then be sent to you. Once this is inputted you may then create a password.

Once you have logged in, you may create your application. The application process will involve listing the bands in order of your preference. When creating your application, you are unable to indicate your preferred site, but we do aim to offer you a room that is within your top three band preferences, and you are able to specify whether you would prefer to live in a single- or mixed- sex flat. Once you have made the application, we will get back to you around mid- August time, just after A-level results day. Applications are not processed on a first-come-first-serve basis, but should be made by the deadline date. 

As an insurance choice applicant you are not yet able to apply for accommodation. If the University of Surrey later becomes your firm choice, you will be able to apply for accommodation.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee accommodation to students applying as an insurance choice, but we will begin to consider these applications once we have allocated the guaranteed and priority groups. 

In the event that we are unable to offer you university accommodation, the University of Surrey Letting team would be happy to provide advice and guidance for securing private sector accommodation in Guildford and surrounding area. 

Yes. UCAS asks for your preference on this for their own data. If you selected 'Staying at Home' on your UCAS application, it does not pass on to the universities, therefore changing your mind is not a problem.

You are free to indicate anything you would like to on your application. Typically we only allocate by the band type that you will list in your preference order. There is a 'Special Requirement' section on the application where you can list any information you would like to share, including any medical requirements.

No. We do not allow any pets on campus. If a pet is used as a guide for medical reasons, this would need to be supported and the outcome would vary depending on the case.

Contact the Accommodation team for more information.

If you do not come to the university at all, depending on when you inform us that you will no longer be attending, it could be refunded or part-refunded based on the circumstances.

Contact the Accommodation team for more information.

The rooms are priced in bands. View the band information and prices.

View the prices and payments information.


You will be asked to make an advance rent payment of £250 when you accept your room, but there is nothing else to pay for your room until your invoice is sent to you. This will be done after you have moved in. Your invoice for rent, called an Invoice for Residence Fees, will normally be sent to your University email account within 14 days after you have moved in.

View the prices and payments information.

We are unable to guarantee students will be offered their first choice, which is why we ask students to list all band preferences during the application process. We are only permitted to send one room offer per student, therefore we are not able to offer you a different room band. If you accept your current offer, you may be able to obtain a different room during the 'room swap' period which begins in mid-October. However, please note that we cannot guarantee that you will be able to do this. 

No. We do not allocate rooms on a first come first serve basis.

No. We are only permitted to send one room offer per student, therefore we are not able to offer you a different room band. If you accept your current offer, you may be able to obtain a different room during the 'room swap' period which begins in mid-October. However, please note that we cannot guarantee that you will be able to do this. 

There are chances to view the different band rooms during our open days. However, you will not be able to view the exact room offered to you before you more in to it.

View pictures and videos of the rooms.

Your accommodation application will require you to list all bands in order of preference. We aim to allocate a room within your top three preferences, however, we cannot guarantee this, which is why we ask you to list all other room bands too. 

In the event that you are unhappy with the room that is offered to you, you may obtain your desired room during the 'Room Swap' period in mid- October.

Request to live with friends can only be taken for Band A - shared rooms or a standard single room in a two-bedroom flat (stand 1) although this is subject to availability.

If you have recently made the University of Surrey your firm choice, it may take up to 72 hours for your details to come through to our system. Please try again after leaving enough time.

To log in, please ensure that you are using your University ID number (a seven digit number beginning with a six) and that you delete your browsing history before you try to log in again, in order to refresh the system. Additionally, if you are using a tablet or phone, please use a computer instead, as tablets can be unresponsive with our system.

If you continue to experience issues logging in, please get in touch with the Accommodation team.

Typically, an undergraduate contract is for 38 weeks and two days and a postgraduate contract is 50 weeks.

The only way to change your band preferences after submitting your application would be to contact a member of the Accommodation team. Please note, this can only be done before the deadline date. 

No. If you have to make changes on your application, please contact the Accommodation team as students can only make one application per academic year. 

About the rooms

Full-time registered University of Surrey students who live in single rooms in buildings occupied only by similar students do not have to pay any council tax. Therefore single student room rents do not include any council tax. Please see our Council Tax page for further information.

Your rent will also include your utility bills (gas, electricity, water).

See what is included in the rent for each room band.

We usually open a room swap process in October around four weeks after move in weekend, but due to the current situation with Covid-19 we will not be able to facilitate this. We will closely monitor the situation and will keep you updated with any changes. If you have any questions then please contact the accommodation office.

We are completely self-catered. Your room, depending on the band, will either have an individual or shared kitchen. 

We have rooms on three of our campuses, Stag Hill, Manor Park and Hazel Farm. See which bands are on which campus.

Self-service laundrettes for residents are provided on all the residential campuses. 

A wash costs approximately £2.10 to £3 and to dry an average load costs approximately £1.20 to £1.50. All of the machines are operated by a 'top up card' system. Cards are available from machines located at the laundrettes. 

All communal areas (kitchens, corridors, bathrooms et.) within student accommodation are cleaned at least once a week by the University's Cleaning team. The cost of this is included within the students' weekly rent. Cleaners do not clean individual bedrooms, but hoovers and other cleaning equipment are provided in each flat. 

All of our rooms have a strict no smoking policy inside the premises. There will be designated smoking areas around the campus. 

There are communal TV rooms in the residences. If you wish to bring your own TV for your room, you will be required to purchase a TV license. A TV licence is also required if you watch live television on a computer. 

Bicycles will not be permitted inside the accommodation buildings. There are lockable bicycle stores available in each court of residence.

Moving in

You need to bring your 'Arrival Letter' which you will receive after completing the E-Induction, and a form of photographic identification (i.e. passport, drivers license, identity card, etc).

We do not have any parking permits or spaces available for students on our Stag Hill and Manor Park campuses. Parking on campus without a permit or an allocated space will lead to fines. Our Hazel Farm campus does have a few permits for parking, however, these are limited and subject to availability.

You will find out who your neighbours are once you have moved in. Typically, students use social media accounts such as Facebook to interact and discover who they will be living with. View our accommodation Facebook page.

No. You would have to find your own taxi services in the area. 

Guests are not permitted in your accommodation between 11pm and 8am. Instead, we ask that you book a guest room, which can be done via email by specifying the arrival and departure date that you wish to book.

You are responsible for the behaviour of your guests and must ensure that they comply with all relevant parts of the conditions of your accommodation agreement. 

Yes. This will be allocated to you through the E-Induction and on your Arrival Letter.

From 1 September. 

No. Typically, you will only be able to arrive on the dates specified on your contract.

Please see key collection for more information. 

No, we do not provide any services for moving in. However, there will be Freshers Angels around to assist on moving-in weekends.

Moving out

Keys are to be returned at your Court Reception. If it is out of hours, you would return the keys to Security located next to Senate House. 

Typically, move out time is by midday.

This would depend when you are moving out. Please contact the Accommodations team for more information based on your circumstance.

You must give notice in writing by completing a withdrawal form and returning it to the Accommodation team in person or by email. 

If you leave before the end of your licence, you will be required to continue instalment payments until your account is cleared in full, unless we are able to re-let your room earlier. In the event that we are able to arrange a re-let, you need only pay until the new person moves in. 

There are no on campus storage facilities for residents' belongings.

Returning students

No. Typically this does not work because you would need to be checked out of your room for your contract to end, and a new contract will need to be made for the next academic year with a new room assignment. Please note that accommodation for returning students is limited. Please see our Allocation Policy for more information. 

A request to live with friends on campus can only be taken for Band A shared rooms or for standard single rooms in a two-bedroom flat (stand 1) although this is subject to availability. It is important to check whether you are guaranteed accommodation as a returning student. Please see our Allocation Policy for more information.  

Please see our Allocation Policy 

The deadline for guaranteed accommodation varies depending on your cohort. For more details, please see our Allocation Policy.

Typically, you will hear the outcome of your application a few weeks after the deadline has passed. For more details, please see our Allocations Policy.

If your application is unsuccessful, you will be supported with advice on the next steps that you can take in renting within the private sector. The University of Surrey Lettings team would be happy to assist with any queries. 

Placement students

Typically, guaranteed accommodation is for students who have been on placement abroad. Please find more information about our Allocations Policy.

Typically, you can apply for accommodation for one semester only. For more specific information, please contact the Accommodation team.

You will not be eligible for a room on campus while you are on placement and away from the university. Please see our Allocations Policy for more information. 

International students

We offer airport collection, find out about more about the Meet and Greet service.

Alternatively, please see travelling to University information.

No. Typically, you are only guaranteed on-campus accommodation for the first year of your degree. There are plenty of options for private renting in the town, and the University is happy to offer advice and support to all students. For more information, please contact the University of Surrey Lettings team (USL) who can assist you with any queries on private renting.

University-managed houses

For information on University-managed houses visit the University of Surrey Lettings website.