Advanced Technology Institute

About us

The ATI is an example of ‘under one roof’ multidisciplinary research, housing some 160 researchers made up of engineers, physicists, materials scientists, biologists and chemists.

Approximately half of these researchers are PhD students who will drive the next generation of innovation and technology. The ATI also supports a large number of undergraduate research projects and a taught MSc programme in Nanotechnology and Nanoelectronic Devices.

For a list of ATI publications go to our Surrey Research Insight page.

The ATI's activities are divided into four research groups: NanoelectronicsPhotonicsIon Beams, and Theory and Computation. Science and technology on the nanoscale, technological applications of quantum science and engineering, and conversion of energy are some of the cross-cutting themes uniting the groups.

Nanoelectronics Centre

Nanotechnology is about the design, manipulation and fabrication of mechanical, biological, optical and electronic devices/systems utilising the smallest building blocks available: atoms and molecules. The Nanoelectronics Centre (NEC) takes a twin-track approach towards this goal using both fundamental and applied research placing it at the forefront of those taking this innovative technology into the future. Leading experts from a diverse range of scientific backgrounds, backed by state-of-the-art research equipment and facilities, are currently designing materials, devices and systems based on and using nanotechnology to address the grand challenges faced by society.

Photonics and Quantum Sciences

The Photonics and Quantum sciences group activities focus on exploring and exploiting the interaction of light with matter. Research projects range from developing fundamental new methods of storing and transmitting data by manipulating photons or electrons, to new materials with enhanced optical and electronic properties. Photonics research impacts a wide range of applications in energy, communications, health and the environment based upon devices such as lasers, LEDs, detectors, memories, sensors and photovoltaics. In all of these areas the group enjoys strong international collaborative links and works closely with a wide range of industries.

Ion Beam Centre

The Ion Beam Centre (IBC) at the University of Surrey is a National Facility supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). The IBC aims to promote and facilitate world class research in the field of ion beam applications for the UK academic and industrial communities. The IBC allows users to undertake a wide variety of research using ion implantation, ion beam analysis (IBA) and microbeam analysis.

Theory and Computation Group

Research and technology has embarked on a journey into nanospace and the ultrafast world by attosecond dynamics. The Theory and Computation Group explores these frontiers by means of analytic theory and advanced computer simulation.