We develop fundamental science through to advanced technologies and nurture next-generation leaders through a versatile and collaborative approach within critical mass teams to generating wealth and wellbeing translating research excellence to positive contributions to society.

Grand challenges

ATI's research is addressing the following current grand challenges:

  1. Can we control materials processes at the level of electrons and what comes next?
  2. Can we design and perfect atom- and energy-efficient synthesis of revolutionary new forms of matter with tailored properties?
  3. Can we master energy and information on the nanoscale to create new technologies with capabilities rivalling living things?
  4. How do we characterise and control matter away - especially very far away - from equilibrium?

Our research

  • Spans fundamental through to applied
  • Is selective with critical mass teams
  • Is addressing the grand challenges to make a difference
  • Has high international visibility of leading research
  • Is supported by significant interactions with Industry including NPL.

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