Laser Laboratory

The Laser Lab in the Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) houses two pulsed lasers that can be used for deposition, patterning and characterisation of materials.

The lasers

The KrF excimer laser with a pulse duration of 25 ns is used for deposition of thin films or nano structured films under a high vacuum or in the presence of a background gas such as Ar or N2. The same excimer laser through the use of appropriate optics also enables the laser annealing of thin metal films to produce plasmonic nano structures or laser patterning of material.

The second laser housed within the labs is the Nd:YAG laser with 4 emission wavelengths: 266nm, 355nm, 532 nm and 1064 nm. The Nd:YAG is dedicated laser for time-of-flight and Current Extraction by Linearly Increasing Voltage (CELIV) characterisation of organic semiconductors.

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