Advanced Technology Institute

Research Staff

Name Role
Muhammad Ahmad Research Fellow
Jose Anguita Research Staff
Michail Beliatis Research Staff
David Cox NPL Research Fellow
Dinesha Dabera Research Associate
Yanina Fedorenko Research Fellow
Isabel Franke Research Fellow
Georgios Gkantzounis Research Fellow
Kelly Green PA to Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and to Dr Rick Woods, Faculty Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching
Geoffrey Grime Senior Research Staff
Keith Heasman Ion Beam Processing Research Fellow
Konstanze Hild Research Fellow
Mark Hughes Research Fellow
Don Imalka Jayawardena Research Staff
Chris Jeynes Professorial Research Fellow
Jaewoo Joo Research Fellow
Simon King Research Fellow
Khue Lai Research Fellow
Nguyen Le Research Fellow
Juerong Li Research Staff
Konstantin Litvinenko Research Staff
Manon Lourenco Research Staff
Willy Ludurczak Research Fellow
Igor Marko Research Staff
Christopher Mills Research Staff
Vladimir Palitsin Research Staff
Nianhua Peng Research Staff
Matthew Phillips Research Staff
Andrew Prins Research Staff
Lynn Rozanski Research Staff
Remi Wache KTP Associate - Product Development Engineer
Pengyuan Yang Research Staff