Multiphysics modelling of semiconductor devices

TCAD modelling of advanced semiconductor devices is a core research area.

Thin-film transistors, photovoltaics and detectros are modelled and optimized using a variety of commercial packages, capturing simultaneously electrical, thermal, mechanical and optical behaviour.

Selected publications

Bestelink E., Landers T., Sporea R. A. (2019) Turn-off mechanisms in thin-film source-gated transistors with applications to power devices and rectification, Applied Physics Letters 114 (18) pp. 182103-1 AIP Publishing

Sporea Radu A., Wheeler Luke J., Stolojan Vlad, Silva S. Ravi P. (2018) Towards manufacturing high uniformity polysilicon circuits through TFT contact barrier engineering, Scientific Reports Nature Research

Sporea RA, Overy M, Shannon JM, Silva SRP. (2015) 'Temperature dependence of the current in Schottky-barrier source-gated transistors'. Journal of Applied Physics, 117 (18) doi: 10.1063/1.4921114.

Sporea RA, Trainor MJ, Young ND, Shannon JM, Silva SR. (2014) 'Source-gated transistors for order-of-magnitude performance improvements in thin-film digital circuits.'. Sci Rep, England: 4


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