The Surrey Fluid Sensor Development Initiative offers bespoke, cost-effective measurement solutions for a wide range of sectors including Formula 1/motorsport, avionics, UAVs (unmanned air vehicles), healthcare, commercial agriculture and elite sport.

Our high-precision pressure-based velocity probes, designed and fabricated at Surrey, can be produced in complex configurations, for a fraction of the cost of commercially-available sensors. Offering good functionality at a small fraction of the cost of other available commercial systems, this gives customers the option of setting up very large arrays of sensors, enabling more robust measurement than conventional systems.

We are unique in being able to prototype sensor systems in any configuration, using techniques including 3D printing, within a very short turnaround time (generally weeks). We can also produce low cost, miniature constant-temperature and constant-current anemometer systems for turbulence and temperature measurements.

Part of the University of Surrey’s experimental aerodynamics research programme, the Surrey Fluid Sensor Development Initiative is led by Dr David Birch and Dr Paul Nathan. In providing this service, we draw on decades of experience in designing and managing fully-automated experimental measurement systems for the NCAS EnFlo national laboratory.

Drivers and software

System drivers (version 1.2) for the Mk-II Fast Respirometer prototype. System requirement: Windows 7 or later, 3 GHz with 4 GB RAM.

Drivers (1212.8KB).

System drivers (version 2.01) for the micro-air data probe. System requirement: Windows 7 or later, 64 bit, 3 GHz with 4 GB RAM.

Probe drivers (562.89KB).

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