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"The attention to detail in this story is incredible"

Pillars of the Earth is a spellbinding and epic (it’s 1080 pages!) tale of ambition and power in twelfth-century England. It follows four very different groups of people in the priory of Kingsbridge, Tom the mason and his children, who dreams of one day building the grandest cathedral England has ever seen, Philip the devout and resourceful Monk and his brothers, who runs Kingsbridge, and the Lady Aliena, beautiful and elusive and the Hamleighs, rich, powerful. The attention to detail in this story is incredible, and while it is at its heart a tale of the building of a Cathedral, it is so much more. These men and women are, by today’s standards, poor and ignorant, yet they helped to create the most beautiful and awesome buildings in our history. I felt myself falling into their world, deeper with each page and there are moments when I do not want to leave. Tom has become a firm favourite of mine and I cannot wait to see if he gets his wish to become the Master-Mason of Kingsbridge. It’s part of a trilogy and is followed by World Without End, and A Column of Fire, the final part, is due out September 2017. 

Anjuli's current reading: The Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett

9781447265443 RRP £9.99 PB

The book cover of The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet

"A fast paced thriller of a book"

You will probably know Crichton best for Jurassic Park, and the TV series Westworld, and ER. He is the author of many ground-breaking novels and this newly discovered novel, Dragon Teeth, sees him return to the World of palaeontology, though this time in the Wild West. Set during 1876, the golden age of fossil hunting in the USA, William Johnson, a Yale student, joins two rival Professors on the hunt for fossils in the Badlands. The story follows Johnsons travels as he leaves Yale on a dare. He is a fictional character, though the antics of the two Professors, Marsh and Cope, did happen during the Bone Wars. It’s a fast paced thriller of a book, and very much in keeping with Crichton’s earlier novels. Very well researched and characters to get your teeth into. I highly recommend this, and Jurassic Park (which is very different from the film, and much more of a thriller).

Just finished: Dragon Teeth, by Michael Crichton

9780008173067 RRP £18.99 HB

The book cover of Dragon Teeth by Micheal Crichton