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Nice Work If You Can Get It

Date and Time

Wed 22 November 2017



Booking opens October 16th


Ivy Arts Centre

Jimmy Winter, a wealthy playboy with a low-wattage brain, living the good life in the midst of Prohibition, has an unfortunate habit of marrying chorus girls, until he’s forced to marry Eileen Evergreen – a woman of substance. However, falling for tough-as-nails bootlegger Billie Bendix leaves Jimmy juggling his highly-strung fiancée, an assortment of bootleggers, prohibitionists, G-Men and chorus girls, as well as one very moralistic senator…not to mention 400 cases of gin in his basement, on his wedding weekend!

Homage to a host of Jazz Age musicals in which outlandish plots were mere pegboards for songs, dances, gags and idiosyncratic star turns” Theater Review

Director Ian Talbot

Musical Director Mary McAdam

Choreographer Joe Prouse

By arrangement with Tams Witmark