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Animal Farm

Date and Time

Thu 16 November 2017



Booking opens 16th October


PATS Studio Theatre

This much-acclaimed dramatization of George Orwell’s classic, allegorical novel was first seen at the National Theatre in1984.As a schoolboy reads Orwell’s enduring parable on the perils of totalitarianism, the farmyard comes to life around him, enacting the animals’ rebellion. The dialogue is complemented by Mitchell’s witty lyrics and Peaslee’s music, jaunty at first, but increasingly threatening and dissonant.

Wooldridge’s powerful and straightforward dramatisation remains faithful to Orwell’s original, retaining both its affection for the animals and the incisiveness of its message.

"Dare I say it ... as good as the book" The Guardian

Director Ian D Fleming

By arrangement with Nick Hern Books

Booking Opens 16 October 2017