About The Ion Beam Centre

The Surrey Ion Beam Centre is an ISO9001 certified UK National Facility supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council ( EPSRC ).  

It is also accredited under ISO17025 by by the UK national accreditation body (UKAS) for the accurate determination ("calibration") of retained dose for ion-implanted samples,  in particular, 150 keV 1015As/cm2 implants,  and samples with similar spectroscopic signals (using Rutherford backscattering spectrometry with 1.5 MeV 4He+).  The accredited minimum combined standard uncertainty of such determinations is 1%.


  • To lead major innovative research programmes within the framework of the Advanced Technology Institute in order to protect IP for the UK community.
  • To initiate collaborative research projects and stimulate multi-disciplinary interactions, with the University, nationally and internationally.
  • To enable innovative research programmes requiring the use of ion beams, including the introduction of ion beam methods to new discipline areas.
  • To provide high quality facilities, intellectual input and a broad knowledge base to users.
  • To strengthen close interaction with the user community and industry to determine and agree priorities in future resource development.
  • To train and educate the UK community in the applications and technology of ion beams and provide a technology transfer to industry and academia.
  • To contribute to the prosperity and competitiveness of UK industry.
ISO 9001 Kite Mark
ISO17025 Kite Mark

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