Ion Beam Centre People

If you would like to find out more about the people in the Ion Beam Centre, please click on the links below.

Contact details for our research students can be found on the PhD students page.

Academic Staff

Melanie Bailey Lecturer in Analytical and Forensic Science 01483 682593 17 AZ 03
Jonathan England Professor of Ion Implantation Technology 01483 689845 16 NC 00
Roger Webb Director of Ion Beam Centre, Professor of Ion Beam Physics 01483 689830 22 NC 00

Administrative Staff

Karen Arthur PA to Prof Roger Webb and Surrey Ion Beam Centre Administrator 01483 686090 13 NC 00

Emeritus Staff

Peter Hemment Professorial Research Fellow
Brian Sealy Professor of Solid State Devices and Ion Beam Technology

Research Staff

Catia Costa Research Staff
Lucio dos Santos Rosa Research Staff
Geoffrey Grime Senior Research Staff 01483 682716 01 WT 02
Keith Heasman Quality Assurance Manager 01483 682214 17 NC 00
Chris Jeynes Professorial Research Fellow
Elis Moura Stori Rosa Research Staff
Vladimir Palitsin Research Staff 01483 682243 02 WT 02
Nianhua Peng Research Staff 01483 682282 15 NC 00

Technical Support Staff

Luke Antwis Operations Manager 01483 689145 20 NC 01
Adrian Cansell Experimental Officer 01483 689847 NC
Alex Royle Experimental Officer 01483 686097 NC

Visiting Staff

Kevin Homewood Professor of Semiconductor Optoelectronics

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