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We believe that it is vital to make our research accessible to the general public. This is especially important in order to inspire the younger generation to seek careers in science and technology. Researchers at the ATI run a variety of Schools outreach activities, many themed around the general area of nanotechnology.

The ATI works closely with Surrey SATRO and their STEM Ambassador programme by hosting Nuffield Bursary students who spend four weeks on science and technology projects.  For example, in the summer of 2010, RCUK Academic Fellow Dr Simon Henley supervised a sixth form students from Tiffin School in Surrey on a four week project entitled 'Nanoalloys - detectors of the future!'  In this project the student helped develop a new technique to produce very small metal particles (nanoparticles) which were alloys of silver and gold.  These nanoparticles could have important applications in sensing and security screening and the student showed that how they interact with light can be controlled by varying the amount of silver and gold in the particles, where the colour of solutions of these nanoparticles varies strongly.  The student also demonstrated that these particles could be used to enhance the sensitivity of a 'chemical fingerprinting' technique by many thousands of times. For further information please see the Nuffield Foundation webpage.

The ATI regularly hosts Y10 students for summer work placements, as well as students from other nearby schools and colleges for week-long projects.  They also run regular laboratory tours for school groups and run open days for children from local schools to gain an insight into the world of nanotechnology. 

Some examples of previous outreach events are shown below:

How clean is your hair?

In 2009 the British Science Festival came to Guildford and the ATI had a very strong presence with tours, demos and experiments set out during the week-long event. Dr Vlad Stolojan participated in the 'Science about town' event with a table-top electron microscope in a session entitled 'How clean is your hair'.  In a heavily attended session, members of the public had a chance to examine in close detail their own hair and compare it with others and also to see the effects of hair products and treatments on the small scale.

Contact us

If you would like more information regarding possible school visits or workshops please contact the ATI's Outreach Officer:

Dr Vlad Stolojan

The ATI also participates in Widening Partipation activities run by the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences.  If you have a specific idea, or you would like to find out what the Faculty can offer, please get in touch with the Faculty Widening Participation Support Officer:

Lucy Carswell: +44 (0) 1483 686134

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Magnified Hair Strand
Magnified strand of hair  (click to enlarge image)

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