Neuropsychology laboratory

Our neuropsychology laboratories contain specialist brain imaging and stimulation equipment, IT, and software. They comprise four soundproof booths, an adjoining preparation room, three smaller multi-use rooms, and an analysis suite. Off-site we have a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) facility which is a shared resource through the Combined Universities Brain Imaging Centre (CUBIC).


Experiments within the laboratories explore aspects of cognition and behaviour across the lifespan in both non-clinical and clinical populations. These experiments can use purely behavioural experiments, cognitive modelling, psychophysics, or combinations of neuropsychology techniques aimed at imaging or stimulating the brain. Using these techniques you can study the brain and how it impacts behaviour, examine how the brain adapts to change, and how brain processes can be modulated.

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There is no current mechanism to hire the facilities. However, if you wish to use the facilities, or discuss opportunities, please contact us.

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