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Industry-led Research Colloquium in Business Analytics

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - 12:30


Rik Medlik Building (34 MS 01)


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Industry-led Research Colloquium: Business Analytics

Business intelligence in healthcare: an innovative quality management dashboard


Dr Alireza Ettefaghian, Head of Business Intelligence at AT Medics (London)

The Surrey Business School is pleased to invite you to its “Industry-Led Research Colloquium in Business Analytics” taking place on Wednesday 31st May 2017 12.30-13:15pm in Room 34MS01 (Business insights Lab), Rik Medik Building, University of Surrey, with our speaker Dr Alireza Ettefaghian, Head of Business Intelligence at AT Medics, London, UK, and KTP Associate, University of Surrey, UK.


This colloquium series at the University of Surrey aims to highlight and discuss the challenges of business analytics in the real world, create awareness on relevant cutting-edge technologies, tools, methods and processes in business analytics and data science, thus offering participants an exposure to various research trends in the industry and enabling them to engage with real-world business problems. It is aspired that the knowledge shared at the colloquia will enable participants to have access to an advanced understanding of industry problems and needs, and in various ways will also support their career progression in these fields. The research colloquium will also aim to facilitate the establishment of industry-led collaborative research projects and initiatives.



The number and complexity of primary care Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are increasing due to new models of care and types of new services being delivered in the primary care sector. This makes the situation even more challenging for operational decision makers to choose an optimum care strategy about an individual patient.  Diversity of clinical systems and interoperability issues within various clinical read codes have also added more complexity to this context.  Additionally, publication of the “5-year General Practice (GP) forward view”, National Information Board strategy (NIB), and primary care transformation highlight the fact that care providers need to be equipped with robust and data-driven decision-making tools.

In this talk, we will present a project aimed to develop a Business Intelligence (BI) platform in order to evaluate the level of service and quality in GPs across the UK NHS system.  This BI tool provides healthcare decision makers with a set of concise illustration elements to interpret clinical data captured from complex care processes, clinical and corporate business systems.  Finally, we share our findings and lessons learnt about how such business intelligence platforms can add value to the primary care and public health areas.

This Industry-led Research Colloquium is for Industry leaders and experts, Academics, PhD students, practitioners or anyone else interested in Business Analytics and Data Science. This is an open invitation and a free event.  Tea and Coffee is provided.


Please direct any queries to Professor Lampros Stergioulas


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