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Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching

Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching

A new 60 credit programme
, consisting of four modules, all at Level 6. This would combine the previous Preparing to Teach and PGCAP programmes.

The programme would begin in January each year to allow new participants (who traditionally begin in September) to have a term to orientate themselves.  

The Modules will consist of:

Module 1 – Theory and Practice of Teaching consisting of four sessions – total contact time 10 hours including the following:
• microteaching session (groups of 4)
• A whole group session in which the experiences from the microteaching
• A whole group session in which teaching observation is considered as a way of enhancing practice and is combined with a range of theoretical considerations.
• The final session will consider reflective writing as a way of helping to develop practice.
The assessment for this module is a 3,000 word critical reflection based around a critical incident taken from a teaching observation undertaken as part of the programme.  

Module 2 –Understanding the Curriculum consisting of four sessions – total contact time 10 hours including the following:
• explore notions of the curriculum
• a variety of curriculum design models. Participants will then spend time developing a learning set through which to construct a new module/course/programme for the University of Surrey.
• assessment and evaluation
• consider the difficulties raised by the development of the new module/course/programme.
The development of a rationale to support a new module/course/programme. This can be undertaken collaboratively with colleagues from the same department or others from different discipline. The assessment will relate to the individual 3,000 piece submitted with the new module/course/programme.

Module 3 - Education Research - part 1 - total contact time 10 hours including the following:
• Fundamentals of action research
• Structure, process and protocols in action research
• Ethics
• Methods
The assessment will be through the design and development of a research protocol/proposal of 3,000 words.

Module 4 - Education Research - part 2 - total contact time 10
Ten hours to be established in consultation with the members of each group. These will be small group sessions that will discuss the methods being used for the research that is being undertaken. These will be arranged as required during the length of the module so that they can be tailored to support the development of the research. Each group will be lead by one CEAD academic who will take responsibility for coordinating the meetings of the group.
Developing on from Module 3 and the protocol/proposal submitted the assessment will be a write up of the main findings of a small piece of action research of 3-4,000 words.

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