Tyre dynamics

Tyres are commonly assumed to be an inconspicuous component of a car and often get neglected by the drivers – yet, they are a fundamental part of any road vehicle.

Tyres are at the heart of the dynamic qualities of vehicles and have an impact on the vehicle energy consumption (up to 7% of the total vehicle energy consumption is caused by tyre rolling resistance).

Hence, there is a clear interest and need by automotive engineers and researchers to thoroughly understand the behaviour of tyres. To achieve this goal under all possible driving and road conditions, a detailed understanding of the physics of the rolling tyre is required. Yet, this aspect is not fully understood as the two components that meet in the contact patch – the tyre and the road surface – yield complex, interrelated physical-processes.

To address this knowledge gap, our research focuses on:

  • virtual testing of static and rolling tyres using advanced FE models
  • development of rubber friction models based on physical mechanisms
  • creation of tyre models for bespoke vehicle dynamics simulations and high fidelity simulation tools such as full vehicle simulators

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