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In order to maintain its competitive edge, a radical new paradigm is required in the chemical industry that deviates from traditional approaches. Find out more about how we plan to acheive this.

The department of chemical and process engineering has pioneering and enduring chemical engineering courses and long-standing collaborations with the chemical industry. Today, the industry in the UK is faced with increasing competition from manufacturers in other regions of the world.

The application of new technology to chemical plants can enhance the competitiveness of the chemical industry in the UK, through the evolution of traditional assembly production systems into cyber-physical systems. These will be able to respond to market requirements in real-time and provide visibility across production and value chains.

Industry and academic collaboration

By bringing together leading academic expertise and industry partners, the CCPF will help to define and develop the frameworks that will underpin the way chemical plants operate, paving the way for new business models for the industry within sustainability limits.

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Centre for Connected Plants of the Future
Department of Chemical and Process Engineering
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