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Recent publications of or presentations given by members of SIRG.

S Gravani, K Polychronopoulou, V Stolojan, Q Cui, P N Gibson, S J Hinder, Z Gu, C C Doumanidis, M A Baker, C Rebholz. Growth and characterization of ceria thin films and Ce-doped γ -Al2O3 nanowires using sol–gel techniques.Nanotechnology, 21 (2010). 

M.A. Baker, M.A. Monclus, C. Rebholz, P.N. Gibson, A. Leyland, A. Matthews. A study of the nanostructure and hardness of electron beam evaporated TiAlBN Coatings. Thin Solid Films, 518, (2010), 4273–4280.

M.-L. Abel, M. Amini Dahaghi, J.F. Watts, Andrew Slark, Richard G. White, Paul Mack, Eddie Grant. Effect of flame treatment on formulated polyvinylchloride surface: A study using ARXPS.  Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena, 178–179, (2010), 409–414.    

J.E. Castle. Developments in expert systems for automatic examination of samples by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena, 178–179, (2010), 347–356.

Rossana Grilli, Mark A. Baker, James E. Castle, Barrie Dunn, John F. Watts. Localized corrosion of a 2219 aluminium alloy exposed to a 3.5% NaCl solution. Corrosion Science, 52, (2010), 2855–2866. 

Kyoko Shimizu, Christopher Phanopoulos, Raf Loenders, Marie-Laure Abel, John F.Watts. The characterization of the interfacial interaction between polymeric methylene diphenyl diisocyanate and aluminum: A ToF-SIMS and XPS study. Surface and  Interface Analysis, 42, (2010), 1432–1444.

Steven J. Hinder, John F. Watts. SIMS fingerprint analysis on organic substrates. Surface and Interface Analysis, 42, (2010), 826–829.

J. Bertho, V. Stolojan, M.-L. Abel, J.F. Watts. The effect of silane incorporation on a metal adhesive interface: A study by electron energy loss spectroscopy. Micron, 41, (2010), 130–134.

D.R. Baer, A.S. Lea, J.D. Geller, J.S. Hammond, L. Kover, C.J. Powell, M.P. Seah, M. Suzuki, J.F.Watts, J.Wolstenholme. Approaches to analyzing insulators with Auger electron spectroscopy: Update and overview.Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena, 176, (2010), 80–94.

John F. Watts. The potential for the application of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy in forensic science. Surface and Interface Analysis, 42, (2010), 358–362. 

M.A. Baker, S.L. Assis, O.Z. Higa, I. Costa. Nanocomposite hydroxyapatite formation on a Ti–13Nb–13Zr alloy exposed in a MEM cell culture medium and the effect of H2O2 addition. Acta Biomaterialia, 5, (2009), 63–75.

K. Polychronopoulou, C. Rebholz, M.A. Baker, L. Theodorou, N.G. Demas, S.J. Hinder, A.A. Polycarpou, C.C. Doumanidis, K. Böbel. Nanostructure, mechanical and tribological properties of reactive magnetron sputtered TiCx coatings. Diamond & Related Materials, 17, (2008), 2054–2061.

J.E. Castle. The Composition of Metal Surfaces After Atmospheric Exposure: An Historical Perspective. The Journal of Adhesion, 84, (2008), 368–388. 

R. Flamia, A. M. Salvi, L. D’Alessio, J. E. Castle, A. M. Tamburro. Transformation of Amyloid-like Fibers, Formed from an Elastin-Based Biopolymer, into a Hydrogel: An X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy Study. Biomacromolecules, 8, (2007), 128-138.

D. Alamarguy, J. E. Castle, M. Liberatore, F. Decker. Distribution of intercalated lithium in V2O5 thin films determined by SIMS depth profiling. Surface and Interface Analysis, 38, (2006), 847–850. 

Areeya Aeimbhu, James E. Castle, Pisith Singjai. Accounting for the size of molecules in determination of adsorption isotherms by XPS; exemplified by adsorption of chicken egg albumin on titanium. Surface and Interface Analysis, 37, (2005), 1127–1136.

S.J. Hinder, C. Lowe, J.T. Maxted, J.F. Watts. The morphology and topography of polymer surfaces and interfaces exposed by ultra-low-angle microtomy. Journal of Materials Science, 40, (2005), 285– 293.

Steven J. Hinder, Chris Lowe, James T. Maxted and John F. Watts. A ToF-SIMS investigation of a buried polymer/polymer interface exposed by ultra-low-angle microtomy. Surface and Interface Analysis, 36, (2004), 1575–1581.

James E. Castle. A wizard source of expertise in XPS. Surface and Interface Analysis, 33, (2002), 196–202.

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