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Global graduate award in sustainability

What is the Global Graduate Award?

The University of Surrey’s Global Graduate Award (GGA) in Sustainability will give you an understanding of wide-ranging issues affecting the sustainability of our world. These include biodiversity, climate change, energy production and corporate environmental management.

Why GGA?

Surrey’s GGA aims to improve your employability on the global market.

Who can take the GGA?

The GGA is free for all students at Surrey.

Do I receive credits for Surrey’s GGA?

If you’re an undergraduate, you’ll be awarded 15 credits per course on successful completion. While these credits don’t count towards your degree, they will be recorded on your transcript.

If you’re a postgraduate, you won’t receive credits for taking the GGA but you’ll receive a certificate of attendance listing your achieved grade upon successful completion of the course.

If you’re an Erasmus/occasional student who can only stay for the first semester, you’ll receive an attendance certificate. The module will not appear on your transcript.

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