Centre for Environment and Sustainability

Course information

Surrey’s Global Graduate Award (GGA) in Sustainability is delivered by specialists from the University of Surrey and beyond.

The GGA centres around the three core pillars of sustainability:

  • Environmental issues
  • Economic issues
  • Social issues
Environmental issues include climate change and biodiversity loss as well as resource management for energy, food and water provision.

Economic aspects include discussion of taxes, subsidies, economic growth, corporate social responsibility and supply chain management.

Social matters span inequalities, the sociology and psychology of sustainability, environmental law and sustainable tourism.

All topics will be illustrated with a case study family.

When does registration open?

Registration for the course opens on Tuesday 12th September, 12 noon.

When do classes take place?

Classes take place on Wednesday afternoons 13:00-14:30.

Terms and Conditions

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How will I be taught?

There are 16 lecture/discussion sessions, each lasting 1½ hours, and three sessions in which films will be shown and discussed. You’ll have a further two sessions devoted to group work.

How will I be assessed?

  • 70 per cent individual assignment
  • 30 per cent group video

The individual assignment will be your chance to apply the sustainability concepts that you have learnt about to a case study family.

The group report will give you an opportunity to critique an appropriate film.

What’s expected of me?

  • Attend lecture and film sessions
  • Actively take part in discussions
  • Complete both assignments
  • Set aside independent study time outside contact hours