The energy efficiency behaviour of individuals in large organisations: A case study of a major UK infrastructure operator

Energy consumption behaviours are gradually becoming better-understood. However, there is still a deficit in terms of knowledge of individuals’ energy-use behaviours in organisations, despite a variety of available theories.

This paper addresses this need in three main stages, based on a survey among mid-level managers at a major infrastructure operator in Great Britain.

Authors: Rupert Zierler, Walter Wehrmeyer, Richard Murphy.

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Redefining scope: the true environmental impact of smartphones?

The aim of this study is to explore the literature surrounding the environmental impact of mobile phones and the implications of moving from the current business model of selling, using and discarding phones to a product service system based upon a cloud service.

The exploration of the impacts relating to this shift and subsequent change in scope is explored in relation to the life cycle profile of a typical smartphone. Authors: James Suckling, Jacquetta Lee.

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