Structure of exotic neutron-rich nuclei studied in radioactive beam experiments


Zsolt Podolyak


Patrick Regan

Research Group

Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Physics

Techniques used

Fragmentation, gamma-ray spectroscopy, charged particle spectroscopy

  • To study neutron-rich nuclei produced in both fragmentation and spallation.
  • Obtain information on the evolution of shells with changing neutron number.

Project description

As a result of the recent developments in accelerator technology previously inaccessible nuclear species can be produced at radioactive beam facilities. Such facilities include CERN-ISOLDE (Switzerland), GSI (Germany), GANIL (France).

The study of the structure of such exotic nuclei with very large neutron-to-proton ratio provides information an the very basis of our understanding of nuclear physics: the shell structure and magic numbers. There is increasing evidence to suggest that well known magic numbers disappear and others appear as we add more and more neutrons to a given specie.

The project is to study the structure of such nuclei, obtaining information on the excited states of them for the first time.