Research areas

Our research activities cover pure and applied research in nuclear physics, radiation physics and medical physics.

Nuclear physics

Nuclear Physics research includes both theoretical and experimental activities.

The Theory Group studies few-body models of nuclear structure and reactions with special emphasis on the quantitative descriptions of 3- and 4- body dynamics, the effects of deformation, and spin-dependent forces. The Experimental Group have interests that include gamma ray spectroscopy, charged particle spectroscopy, and radioactive ion beams.

Radiation and medical physics

Radiation and Medical Physics research explores the fundamental properties and interactions of radiation in a range of medical and industrial applications. The activity also covers fundamental detector physics research which aims to develop detector materials and technologies. Research topics are grouped as medical physicsradiation detectors and environmental radioactivity.

The department also maintains links with the microbeam facilities at Surrey's Ion Beam Centre, which is a national facility supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).