Invited lectures and presentations

Innovative Desalination and Water Purification Processes, Water and Energy Exchange WEX-2010, Conference, Cyprus, 4-5 February 2010.

The Role of Desalination in the Peace Process,  UN Sponsored workshop on the Water Security in the Middle East, Geneva, 14-15 February 2010.

The Power of Salty Water –Is Salt going to be the World’s New Oil? International Desalination Association Congress, Atlantis, Dubai, 6-12 November, 2009.  

Innovative Water and Energy Solutions, UKM University, KL, Malaysia, June, 2009

From Labs to Market – The Modern Water Story, 7th Innovation & Entrepreneurship Symposium, Istanbul, June 2009.

The Power of Salty Water –Is Salt going to be the World’s New Oil?, World Renewable Energy Network Regional Seminar, Solar University, Sohar, Oman, 2009.

Climate Change – Surrey Innovative Water and Energy Solutions, UTAR University, KL, Malaysia, June 2009.

Water Situation in the Arab World and the Role to Technology in Address, The Arab Mulataqa, London, October, 2009.

From innovation to product – The Modern Water Story, The University of Bournemouth Enterprise Forum, Bournemouth, October, 2009.

Desalination, an Expensive Option or the only Sustainable Solution, The British Science Association Festival, University of Surrey, UK, September 2009.

Innovative Water and Power Solutions, Stoony Brooks University, New York, March 2008.

Achieving Sustainability through Innovations -Novel Water and Energy Solutions, Saudi Arabia Water and Power Forum, Jeddah, November 2008.

Power and Water from the Sea. Is Salt the World’s new Oil? British Bahraini Business Council, London, November 2008.

Novel Desalination and Water Reuse Processes with Renewable Power Generation, Oman Water and Power Authority, Muscat, January 2008.

Novel Manipulated Osmosis desalination and power generation processes, IChemE  Membrane Separation Seminar, University College London, London, April 2007.

Manipulated Osmosis Desalination Process- Preliminary Results of Pilot Plant Study, Qatar Foundation, January, 2007.

Recent advances in desalination technologies, First Expatriate Arab Scientists Conference, the Qatar Foundation, Qatar, April, 2006.

Hydro-Osmosis Power - a Huge Renewable Energy Source, Statkraft, November 2007.

Forward Osmosis Desalination for EOR Water flood Operation, British Petroleum, London, January 2006.

Novel desalination and water purification processes, University of Oxford, Engineering and Science Seminars Series, October, 2005.

Novel desalination and water purification processes – A role for Chemical Engineering, IChemE Symposium to honour the 85th Birthday anniversary of Professor J F Richardson, Swansea, September 2005.

Novel desalination and power generation processes, University of Cambridge, UK, 29 June 2004.

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