Keynote lectures

Prof. Sharif has been a keynote speaker in many national and international conferences and meetings. Some of which include:

Simulation Opportunities in Membrane Separation and Colloidal Interactions, Keynote, 7th Industrial Simulation Conference ISC, Loughborough University, UK, June 2009.

The Power of Salt – Iraq Future Supplies of Water and Power, Ministry of Science and Technology Scientific Conference, Baghdad, 22-24 June, 2009.  

Climate Change:  Sustainable Water and Energy Solutions, The British Royal Society, April 2008.

Novel Manipulated Osmosis water purification and power generation processes – A pilot plant study, The British Royal Society, London, February 2007.

Climate Change –Sustainable Water and Energy Solutions, 1ST World Water & Renewable Energy Congress-Exhibition, November 25-29th 2007 – Maastricht, The Netherlands

Climate Change – Innovative Water and Power Technology Solutions, Diplomats Information Day, University of Surrey, 14 May 2007.

Recent advances in desalination and water reuse technologies, Technology Awareness Seminar, Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting, Bahrain, 28 June, 2006.

Osmotic Energy, RENEWABLE ENERGY- Policy, Security, Innovation, Industry and Sustainability conference, 16 - 23 October 2004, Brighton, UK.

Osmotic Energy -a huge renewable energy source, RENEWABLE ENERGY- Policy, Security, Innovation, Industry and Sustainability conference, November 2006, Brighton, UK.

Recent advances in desalination technologies, The First Founding Conference of the Arab  Expatriate Scientists, Qatar Foundation, Doha, 2006.

Hydro Osmosis power: an unexplored huge source of renewable energy, World Renewable Energy Congress IX and Exhibition, Florence-Italy, 19-25 August, 2006.

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