Centre for Research on Ageing and Gender


The Centre for Research on Ageing and Gender (CRAG) research generally adopts a lifecourse perspective, emphasising the need to examine the connections between different aspects of people's lives, in terms of the effects of income and material circumstances on well-being.

CRAG aims for a fuller understanding of these connections in people’s lives and also recognises that ageing is a life-long process. Research within CRAG examines how gender differences in the earlier life course, in terms of paid work, family, housing and social relationships, influence the ability of people to live fulfilling and socially engaged lives.

Completed research

Research projects include: Sleep in ageing, midlife attitudes to retirement, negotiating sleep, clinical decisions in older patients and gender, employment and pension acquisition.

Doctoral research

CRAG provides opportunities for postgraduate research in a supportive and intellectually stimulating research environment.