The Centre for Research in Nursing and Midwifery (CRNME) is committed to the study of the education of nurses, midwives, associated professional colleagues and their educators and a broad range of related areas.

About us

We have adopted an interdisciplinary approach to research within the world-of-work, support new modes of health care education delivery and healthcare practice. We aim to devise research strategies which are appropriate to the questions and which also capture the perspectives of all stakeholders, whether they are health care professional, students, or service users.

Our purpose

We are committed to investigating and improving the effectiveness of the range of teaching strategies, modules and programmes offered to pre- and post-registration nurses, midwives and practitioner programmes in the modernised NHS as well as education and training programmes delivered to allied health professionals.

What we do

We collaborate with partners and associates in the UK and internationally, in teaching, consultancy and research. We can work with you as a partner in bids for research funding, in developing teaching and learning or in research events such as seminars, symposia.

History of our Centre

Our Centre was established in 1998 and is funded by endowments from the General Nursing Council Trust for England and Wales and the Midwife Teacher Training College Trust.

In July 2013, after celebrating 21 years of the Centre, the CRNME Legacy Management group was founded. The aim of the legacy management group is to ensure the future direction of the remaining endowments held at the University of Surrey.