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The Centre for Translation Studies (CTS) is well connected with academic and non-academic partners worldwide. 

CTS is a member of several professional associations including:

Being successful in terms of producing high-quality research and obtaining research income from external funders, we have collaborated with academic and non-academic partners on a large number of research projects.

We have also been involved academic consultancies and knowledge transfer activities, including the delivery of professional training, and are interested in forging links with academic and non-academic partners.

We have cutting-edge facilities that we use to support research, consultancy, training and continuous professional development. With the help of capital funding, CTS has implemented two high-end interpreting suites including ISO-approved double interpreting booths, portable interpreting equipment and high-quality videoconferencing facilities, enabling us to simulate videoconference-based remote interpreting.

We also have a number of multimedia labs equipped with professional software for translation and corpus-based lexicography.

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