Biometrics, in computer security, refers to automatic authentication of individuals using one or more of their measurable physical or behavioural characteristics. Biometric technologies have applications in border control, access control to buildings and facilities, secure nomadic working, preventing unauthorised access to remote services such as banking, social security and entertainment, in forensics, personalisation and many others.

The focus of our research has been on face and voice biometrics and on multimodal biometrics fusion. We develop algorithms for 2D face recognition in visible and infrared spectra. Our work in 3D face recognition provides an illumination invariant solution to the face recognition problem, as well as 3D face models for 3D assisted 2D face recognition and for forensic face matching.

We develop biometric solutions that exploit dynamic and behavioural information from video of talking face, including lips dynamics and voice characteristics. We research super-resolution techniques to tackle the problem of recognising individuals from low-resolution images such as CCTV.

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