I-Lab: Visual Search and Understanding

Deep learning for visual analysis and semantic understanding.

Illustration of a brain with all the connections lit up

Impact: World-leading image/video recognition/AI technology

  • Visual search technologies used by the BBC, RAI television, Metropolitan Police
  • Underpin international standards (ISO MPEG) for fast media search (CVDS and CDVA)
  • Spin-out Visual Atoms (face verification)
  • Gold medal in Google-Kaggle YouTube video understanding challenge (#7 out of 680 teams globally).

Current activities

  • Ultra fast recognition of any object, landmark, pattern in billion-scale databases
  • Video semantic understanding
  • Big Visual Data Analysis (security, media, industry, cyber)
  • Applications to medical image/video analysis.

Current larger projects

  • InnovateUK: iTravel (2017-2019) - Surrey-Visual Atoms - iGeolise (£893k) “A Virtual Journey Assistant
  • InnovateUK: RetinaScan (2018-2020) – Surrey – Retinopathy Answer Ltd.(£993k) “RetinaScan: AI enabled automated image assessment system for diabetic retinopathy screening”
  • BRIDGET H2020: (2014-2017) – Surrey–Huawei-RAI-Telecom Italia (£3.8m) “Bridging the gap for enhanced broadcast.”

Example applications

  • Visual recognition for RAI/BBC (mentioned in our impact at the top of the page)
  • Suspect search for Scotland Yard.


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