M-Lab: Medical imaging

The Biomedical Imaging Group within CVSSP is involved in a wide range of biomedical imaging research projects, which encompasses research at all stages of the imaging chain, from the technology of image acquisition, reconstruction and image correction through to statistical image analysis and display.

The group comprises academic staff, research fellows, PhD students and MSc students. Biomedical imaging is fundamentally an inter-disciplinary activity, and therefore all our work is undertaken in collaboration with leading clinical / biomedical partners. As a result of this, research staff and students work in close collaboration with practicing clinicians, medical physicists and biomedical scientists at some of the country's leading hospitals and biomedical companies.

If you are interested in pursuing PhD opportunities in these or related areas, please email us for further details of these, and other projects currently under development. Full funding is often available for UK nationals with partial funding for EU nationals. Other funding opportunities also exist from time-to-time for suitably qualified candidates.

You can also undertake a 1 year taught MSc in Medical Imaging or MSc in Medical Imaging with research component. Both of these courses involve a professional placement period at a leading hospital or medical imaging company and a summer project undertaken in collaboration with a biomedical industrial or clinical partner.

The following areas of research make up the MIRS:

M-Lab people

Academic staff

Research students

  • Miss Alaleh Rashidnasab
  • Mr Rohdri Smith
  • Miss Sheaka Alobaidli
  • Miss Michaela Spiteri
  • Miss Fatemeh Tahavori
  • Mr William Scott-Jackson
  • Mr Liambee Alumuku

Journal publications


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