V-Lab: Creative technology

Machine perception for 3D immersive content production.

Woman holding a board whilst a camera focuses on it

Goal: Creative audio and visual technology for immersive experiences

  • Leading UK research group in creative technology (audio and video)
  • Immersive content production for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)
  • Machine learning for understanding video and audio.

Impact: Pioneering creative technologies since 1996

  • World-leading video-realistic content production for film, games and VR
  • Spatial audio for VR – GooglePlay ‘Best VR Experience.’

Current projects

V-lab is active in a portfolio of research projects supported by EPSRC, EU, TSB, industry and the Royal
Society. The research activity is underpinned by an EPSRC platform grant in visual media providing
strategic long-term funding for adventure and continuity of research.

Previous projects

  • RE@CT - Immersive production and delivery of interactive 3D content (EU IST)
  • SCENE - Novel scene representations for richer networked media (EU IST)
  • SyMMM - Synchronising multimodal movie metadata (TSB)
  • i3Dpost - Intelligent 3D content extraction and manipulation for film and games (EU IST)
  • i3Dlive - Interactive 3D methods for live action media (TSB/EPSRC)
  • iview - Free-viewpoint video for entertainment content production (TSB/EPSRC)
  • VBAP - Video-based animation of people (EPSRC).

Strong collaborations


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