Dr Ben Drake

Research Fellow

Qualifications: PhD

Phone: Work: 01483 68 2181
Room no: 40 AZ 04

Further information


2013: Research Fellow, University of Surrey - development of an ecological macro-economic model for the UK as part of the WWWforEurope research project.

2010-2013: Environmental Economist, ADAS UK Ltd - worked as a consultant on a variety of projects including; an analysis of public values at risk from exotic tree/plant disease spread, using total factor productivity methodology to analyse the economic impact of adopting farm-level greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation measures, and the creation of farm-level marginal abatement cost curves to identify cost-effective animal health interventions which deliver GHG reductions.

2007-2011: PhD Student, Environmental Economics and Management, University of York (UK) - adopted a choice experiment approach to determine the public willingness to pay for reducing GHG emissions and reducing the flood risk to the city of York.   

Research Interests

Ben is very much interested in researching whether environmental sustainability can be achieved while simultaneously upholding living standards. With this in mind Ben is developing an ecological macro-economic model for the wwwforEurope research project which aims to advise on how the UK economy can return to operating within ecological and environmental limits while maintaining a reasonable standard of living for the population.

He also maintains an interest in the field of non-market environmental valuation having previously used choice modelling to elicit public values for changes in the provision of ecosystem services such as lower carbon emissions, reduced flood risk and the enhancement of recreational services.     


Journal Papers

Firbank, L. G., Elliott, J., Drake, B., Cao, Y. and Gooday, R. (2013). "Evidence of sustainable intensification among British farms." Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 173: 58-65. doi: 10.1016/j.agee.2013.04.010

Drake, B., Smart, J. C. R., Termansen, M. and Hubacek, K. (2013). "Public preferences for production of local and global ecosystem services." Regional Environmental Change, 13(3): 649-659. doi: 10.1007/s10113-011-0252-7

Drake, B. and Hubacek, K. (2007). "What to expect from a greater geographic dispersion of wind farms? - a risk portfolio approach." Energy Policy, 35(8): 3999-4008. doi: 10.1016/j.enpol.2007.01.026


Selected Reports

Elliott, J., Jones, G., Williams, A., Chatterton, J., Drake, B., Curwen, A., Wu, Z. and Hateley, G. (submitted). Study to Model the Impact of Controlling Endemic Cattle Diseases and Conditions on National Cattle Productivity, Agricultural Performance and Greenhouse Gas Emissions. London, UK, Defra.

Woodward, S., Siasou, E., Brown, A., Drake, B., Ebel, R., Gascoine, P., Grégoire, J., Preston, G., Shaw, M. and Snape, S. (2013). Accelerated Detection and Diagnosis of Invasive Alien Pests and Pathogens in Imported Plants. London, UK, Defra.

Tompkins, S., Lee, D., Drake, B., Twining, S., Elliott, J. and Gooday, R. (2013). Case Studies of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Method Implementation. London, UK, Defra. 

Harris, D., Drake, B., Elliott, J., Jones, G., Boatman, N. and Simpson, D. (2012). Assessing the Scope and Extent of Transaction and Additional Costs Arising from Participation in Environmental Stewardship. Sheffield, UK, Natural England.

Jones, G., Drake, B., Boatman, N., Hughes, J., Somerwill, K., Crabtree, B. and Mourato, S. (2011). Measuring the Economic, Environmental and Ecosystem Services Value of Heritage Gardens, Heathland and Woodland in the Context of Determining Potential Impacts from the Regulated Plant Pathogens Phytophthora ramorum and Phytophthora kernoviae. London, UK, Defra. 


Conference Papers and Presentations

Elliott, J., Drake, B., Jones, G., Chatterton, J., Williams, A., Wu, Z., Hateley, G. and Curwen, A. (2014). Modelling the Impact of Controlling UK Endemic Cattle Diseases on Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Defra project AC0120). Agricultural Economics Society 88th Annual Conference 2014. AgroParisTech, Paris, France. 10-11 April 2014.

Drake, B., Smart, J., Termansen, M. and Hubacek, K. (2010). Public Willingness to Pay for Production of Local and Global Ecosystem Services. International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE) 11th Biennial Conference: Advancing sustainability in a time of crisis. Oldenburg and Bremen, Germany. 22-25 August 2010.

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