About us

Chinese law and society has been identified as a strategic area of teaching and researching at Surrey University School of Law in 2016. The China Law Centre was established to implement this strategic vision. The Centre aspires to be a leading forum to debate Chinese law and policy, broadly conceived, in the UK.

The Centre is dedicated to advancing English and Chinese legal reforms. It is also committed to improving UK–China relations as well as increasing understanding of Chinese law and justice in the United Kingdom. The Centre also aims to increase understanding of English law and justice in China. It is a multi-disciplinary research centre dedicated to the study of Chinese law & society, Chinese comparative law as well as China and international law adopting historical, sociological, anthropological, comparative and theoretical methods.

At present, the Centre focuses its resources on two overarching research themes: the Rise of China and the International Legal Order and the Rule of Law in China. Current researchers are engaged in work on the Trump Administration and the looming China – US trade war, the democracy movement in Hong Kong, China’s market economy with Chinese characteristics and the liberal international economic order, Bexit and the future of UK – China economic relations, rule of law and Chinese criminal law reform, and territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

A number of distinguished and emerging academic leaders around the world are affiliated with the Surrey China Law Centre. The Centre has also built partnerships with leading law firms, think tanks, government agencies, and other research centres, both in the UK and China.

The Centre runs regular speaker series as well as regularly holds conferences and roundtable discussions on topical issues relating to China. Please check our events page for information or join our emailing list (by sending your email to m.du@surrey.ac.uk) to be updated of current and future events at the Centre.