Top tips for Clearing

Unsure what to expect from Clearing? We’ve got you covered with our simple guide.

No jargon, no nonsense. Be clear on what steps to take and make the right choice for you.

Be prepared

Clearing planner
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How does Clearing work?

Clearing is a way for students to apply to university courses that aren’t full, from 6 July until mid-September. 

You can enter Clearing if:

  • You made a UCAS undergraduate application after 30 June
  • You don’t have offers (or you rejected offers) from any universities you’ve applied to before 30 June
  • Your university place is not confirmed after you’ve received your exam results.

Thousands of students enter Clearing every year and successfully receive offers.

Read our Clearing FAQs for more information.

Our tips for Clearing

1. Research courses

Start by researching courses you might be interested in and make a list of universities to call on results day. Doing this in advance will mean you’re prepared when Clearing opens and you’ll have a better chance of securing a place on your chosen course.

Remember to look carefully at the entry requirements and course content before you make any decisions.

To help you with your research, we’ve created a handy Clearing planner (Xlsx) for you to download and fill in.

See the courses Surrey has to offer.

2. Call universities

You’ll need to phone and speak directly to your chosen universities in order to secure a place on one of their courses. Try to call as soon as their hotlines open. 

Our Clearing hotline will be available from Monday 6 July 2020. If you have any questions or need support, advice and guidance in the meantime, you can contact our Admissions team by email ( – just add ‘Clearing application’ in the subject line.

Information you will need when calling

  1. Your UCAS Clearing number
  2. Your qualification results (for example: A-level, IB, GCSE)
  3. Your personal statement (you may be asked about your motivations to study this course, so make sure you highlight your love for the subject).

3. Confirm your place

Consider your offer(s) carefully before making your final decision on UCAS Track. Universities will give you a deadline but offers are typically valid for a few days so there’s no pressure to accept straight away. Look at university websites as most offer virtual tours and lots of information on campus life.

If it’s a course that excites you at a university you think you’ll love, go for it!

Once you’ve decided, the university will send you a confirmation letter and your Track status will change. Time to celebrate!

Good luck on A-level results day! No matter what happens, we’re here for you.