Dr Ben Creagh-Brown

Research Interests

Ben’s research interests are:

  • Muscles – peri-operative and ICU acquired weakness and muscle wasting. Observational and interventional studies. Collaborates with UCL and Imperial.
  • Vessels – peri-operative microcirculatory monitoring. Endothelial function and glycocalyx injury. Vasoplegia. Collaborates with Imperial.
  • Post-operative pulmonary complications (POPC). Incidence and effects. Interventions (including care bundles) to reduce incidence. Working with the Peri-operative Intensive Care Medicine (POIC) section of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine. Collaborates with UCL and QMUL.
  • Ventilation including NIV and weaning from invasive mechanical ventilation.
  • Abdominal sepsis – national lead for the AbSeS ESICM observational study.


Ben is currently supervising one Msc, one MD and one PhD student.  He recently supervised three BSc students and two BMedSci students.

Contact Me


My office hours

Please contact Ben via his University of Surrey email address.


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