We work closely with a number of other projects in order to provide the best possible set of resources and training events possible. These include day courses in social research, the South East Doctoral Training Centre, the Online qualitative data analysis (Online QDA) and Reusable qualitative learning objects (REQUALLO) websites and the National Centre for Research Methods.

Day courses in social research

We work in close partnership with the day courses programme also located within the Sociology Department at the University of Surrey who administer most of our training and capacity-building events.

South East Doctoral Training Centre

Through our connection with the South East Doctoral Training Centre we are able to offer very good value fees for our training events for doctoral students. Rates depend on discipline and institution.

National Centre for Research Methods

The National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM), based at the University of Southampton, acts as a hub for methodological innovation in the UK. We have close ties with the NCRM as a result of their funding of our research activities under the Qualitative innovations in CAQDAS (QUIC) programme. The NCRM support our continued capacity-building activities, enabling us to provide free and low-cost seminars on methodological applications concerning the use of CAQDAS.


The CAQDAS networking project resource is closely connected to the Online QDA website, based at Huddersfield University. The two resources have been developed in close collaboration and are intended to provide a rounded service to qualitative researchers.

Hosted by Huddersfield University and created jointly with the CAQDAS networking project staff, Online QDA is a set of training support materials which address common problems (both early and advanced) using QDA methods and selected CAQDAS packages. The QDA website is concerned with issues and individual experiences of qualitative data analysis itself. It includes a list of common qualitative methodologies with definitions and links to further related resources as well as information relating to the processes of qualitative data analysis such as writing, coding, analytic techniques, writing up and issues relating to quality. The REQUALLO project is part of Online QDA which contains case-study exemplars of data and explications of the analytic procedures from recent, real research projects.

The CAQDAS networking project resource concerns itself with the use of software to assist in the processes of qualitative data analysis. In particular we aim to provide researchers with face to face training events at introductory level and online resources which will enable simple/complex and innovative aspects of data integration and project design to be considered and planned.

On the CAQDAS networking project support pages we frequently link to the Online QDA website where additional background information can be found. These links are indicated by the appearance of the Online QDA logo.