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Introduction to Discourse Analysis

Date • Time

Friday, January 26, 2018 - 09:30 to 17:00


Rik Medlik Building, Stag Hill Campus, University of Surrey, Guildford, GU2 7XH


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The course introduces participants to discourse analysis starting from the philosophical underpinnings of the method, presenting and discussing different approaches to discourse analysis, main principles and key literature on it and finally engaging with analytic tools, examples and hands-on analysis.
The course has a dual aim: to introduce participants to discourse analysis as a qualitative method in the service of analysing qualitative data (discourse) method to analyse and also to discuss the approach to discourse analysis as a paradigm. In this way, the course is a workshop focused on the analysis of discourse and also an opportunity for participants to consider the(ir) reasons and assumptions if they were to employ discursive approaches to their research.

Course overview

  • Discourse: what is it?
  • Discourse and construction
  • Discursive turn – main principles
  •  Strands in discourse analysis
  •  Analytic procedure: In theory & In practice

Learning outcomes

  • Understand discourse analysis as method and paradigm
  • Recognise different approaches to discourse analysis
  • Apply basic discourse analysis

Course leader

Maria Xenitidou is a research fellow based in the department of sociology at the University of Surrey. She has been working on issues related to identity and on research methods for many years, in research and teaching capacities. In her work she mainly employs a discursive approach and has been engaged with discourse analysis since 2003, as part of her PhD, in subsequent research projects and in her teaching (both as an approach to substantive topics and as a method of analysis). For more information see: 


Entry requirements


Level of study

Entry (no or almost no prior knowledge).



Varies according to status:

  • £195 - Government/commercial sector
  • £150 - Educational/charitable sector 
  • £110 - Students


Preparatory reading

Wooffitt, R. (2008) Conversation Analysis and Discourse Analysis. IN: Gilbert, N. (Ed.) Researching Social Life. 3rd edition. London: SAGE
Potter, E. (2003) Discursive psychology: between method and paradigm. Discourse & Society. Vol. 14(6): 783–794



Tea and coffee will be provided during breaks (lunch is not provided).