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I decided to join the Students Union's student media so I could use and develop my skills in media production. Being part of a society is a chance to make new friends and also an opportunity for personal development.

Francesca Almonor Meneghello

BA Media Studies

"Since I was young the world of media was something that I was always interested in. The University of Surrey has one of the best Media Studies courses, with an included Professional Training placement and excellent student satisfaction. Before choosing a university, I researched by reading blogs and reviews.
When I started university, I lived in university accommodation. Living in accommodation not only meant living in a safe and comfortable place, but it also enabled me to take an active role in university life. As well as offering the possibility to make many friends through the unique experience of living in an international, intercultural and challenging environment, it also allowed me to more easily attend university facilities and student clubs.
This year I am part of the Italian Society and the Stag TV Society. Being a Media Studies student, I decided to join the Students Union's student media so I could have the opportunity to use and develop my skills in media production. Being part of a society is not only a chance to make new friends but is also an opportunity for personal development.
The aspect of my programme that I enjoyed the most was definitely the Professional Training placement in my third year because this was a chance for me to discover and experience a work environment. For this year, I applied for the 50/50 work study placement. In the first semester of this placement, I worked in London for five months in a media production company called BANG Showbiz. As a trainee, my role involved editing video packages, encoding, recording voiceovers, using WordPress, managing social networks and websites, researching, and assisting the Lead Producer. I was also responsible for editing two or three videos a day. I had the opportunity to use video effects software such as Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Sony Vegas to edit these videos. My placement experience consolidated things that I had learned over my first two years of studying at university. Working for BANG has been a rewarding and challenging experience and it has inspired me to want to pursue a career in filming and post-production.
I would recommend a Professional Training placement to others because it enables you to gain a better understanding of your field of study, improve your interpersonal and teamwork skills by actively interacting and collaborating with people, and find opportunities for future work. 
In the second semester of my work study placement, I went to study abroad in Germany at the University of Tübingen. I decided to study abroad because I wanted to learn about a new culture. I would highly recommend studying abroad. You can interact with students who have studied your subject in a different way, which means that you can learn from them and they can learn from you. The University really helped me to find a course for international students, organise my registration, contact the supervisor, and provided me with guides about the city.
I believe that university helps you grow as an individual, it changes you completely. The academic staff at the University of Surrey have been really helpful throughout and the facilities are easy to find and well equipped. University life, completing a Professional Training placement and studying abroad has all directly and indirectly shaped my life and has made me more reasonable, responsible and rational."
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